‘Homecoming’: First Images Reveal the Janelle Monaé led Season 2!! Check It Out!!

The mystery at the heart of Amazon Studios series Homecoming continues on as Janelle Monaé, the new series lead stepping in and taking over for Season 1 star Julia Roberts, transforms into army vet Jackie. Joining Monaé for the ride — and as revealed in a group of new images from the upcoming second season — is Chris CooperJoan Cusack, Season 1 co-lead Stephan James, reprising his role as Homecoming program graduate and army vet Walter Cruz, and Hong Chau, who also appeared in Season 1 as shady Geist employee Audrey.

The new images from Homecoming Season 2 were revealed by Entertainment Weekly. The photos tease the characters played by each of the aforementioned new cast members, with Monaé figuring prominently in three of them. The singer and actor’s character, Jackie, will be introduced waking up in a boat with no memory of who she is. Over the course of Season 2, Jackie will find herself teaming with James’ Walter to track down the truth behind their ties to Homecoming initiative’s parent company, the Geist Group. Cooper will be tackling the role of Geist CEO Leonard Geist, while Cusack’s unnamed character will be on the more villainous side of things. As we saw in Season 1, Chau’s Audrey is a similarly shady character who seized some power for herself as spending a full season kow-towing to former Geist exec and Homecoming overseer Colin Belfast (Bobby Cannavale).

Speaking to EW, series co-creator Micah Bloomberg teased what he likes best about the new season, sharing, “We were excited about broadening the world and telling story through setting and visuals,” and co-creator Eli Horowitz added, “Season 1 was so confined and suffocating, and they were all wondering about the world outside the facility, and season 2 is very much about the outdoors and the natural world, and people trying to get inside the Geist headquarters.”

Bloomberg and Horowitz’s comments on the expansiveness of Season 2 seem to be fulfilled in these new Homecoming images. With more characters coming into the mix and broadening the world while deepening the story, it will be interesting to see where the show goes now that it’s beyond the confines of the story laid out in the Homecoming podcast, which served as the narrative basis for Season 1.

Homecoming Season 2 is set for release on Amazon Prime Video. Keep scrolling for even more new images from Season 2 featuring Monae, James, and the rest of the season’s lead cast.


Image via Amazon Studios


Image via Amazon Studios


Image via Amazon Studios


Image via Amazon Studios


Image via Amazon Studios


Image via Amazon Studios


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