‘Good Bad and Undead’: Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage Set for Monster Hunting!!

After tearing up the small screen in their instantly iconic roles on HBO’s Game of ThronesJason Momoa and Peter Dinklage are back together again, in a tantalizing-sounding original horror film. Deadline reports that Good Bad & Undead will put the two in familiar monster-hunting roles, while twisting the tropes inherent in such a story to a satisfying new spin.

Dinklage plays Van Helsing, arguably the most famous monster-hunter best known for tracking down Dracula and other vampires. Momoa plays a vampire who’s taken a vow never to kill again. Together, the two run a scam in various towns in which Momoa pretends to stalk the city, Dinklage pretends to vanquish him, the two collect their reward loot, rinse, and repeat. But when a bounty is placed on Momoa’s head, and people become wise to their ruse, the duo goes on the run from a threatening litany of forces full of all kinds of supernatural threats. Good Bad & Undead‘s screenplay is written by Mark Swift and Damian Shannon (that underrated Friday the 13th reboot) and will be directed by Max Barbakow, who recently made headlines with his Sundance sensation Palm SpringsMomoa and Dinklage will also produce the film for Legendary.



via Collider

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