‘Peggy Jo’: Lily James Set to Lead True-Crime Movie!!

“Yesterday” star Lily James is set to headline true-crime feature “Peggy Jo”. Phillip Noyce, best known for movies such as “Salt” and “Rabbit-Proof Fence”, is directing the film from a script by Robert Knott, according to The Hollywood Reporter.James, 31, will star as Peggy Jo Tallas, billed a “real-life Bonnie but without a Clyde”, who takes to robbing banks while posing as a man. As per the official logline, Peggy Jo was inspired by her love of stories such as “Butch Cassidy” and the “Sundance Kid”. “Eager to support her struggling family financially, Peggy Jo starts holding up a string of banks as her now-famous alter-ego ‘Cowboy Bob’. She becomes more and more daring, hotly pursued by astute FBI agent Bishop. But along the way she loses her heart to damaged soul Charlie. “Like Peggy, Charlie also seeks escape and solace in the fantasy world of books and poetry. As Bishop draws nearer and her love-story with Charlie is threatened, Peggy chooses, like her heroes, not to give up, but to go down in a blaze of glory,” the logline read.The project will be produced by Simon Brooks through his banner Canyon Creek Films. “Peggy Jo” will be shot on location in the Southern United States.


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