‘False Assurances’: Spyglass Picks Up First-Time Author Christopher Rosow’s Thriller Novel!!

Spyglass Media has optioned the rights to False Assurances, the debut novel from Christopher Rosow.

Since publication in May, the novel — actually part of a two-book debut from Rosow — has become a No. 1 Amazon Kindle best-seller; a No. 1 Apple books best seller and a No. 1 Wall Street Journal fiction e-book. A third book is in the works.

The first book has political hook, with a plot involving the president and terrorists. The story is set in motion when the FBI Boston field office gets a hoax call, with a man claiming his sailboat was hijacked and used to smuggle weapons and terrorists into the United States. Despite the far-fetched nature of the claims, a presidential visit to Boston that night requires an investigation, and the FBI dispatches admin staffer Ben Porter, a laid-back millennial and the opposite of Jack Ryan in almost every way, to the scene. Rosow is an avid and competitive sailor and was inspired to write the story while on a race in the Atlantic.

Christopher has written a gripping suspense thriller with fast-paced storytelling and dynamic characters,” said Spyglass’ president of production, Peter Oillataguerre. “Ben Porter is a whole new brand of ‘hero’ that will take audiences on a captivating ride.”

Oillataguerre and Chris Stone, VP production and development, will oversee the project on behalf of Spyglass.

The pickup shows that Spyglass has more on its mind than just mining its library, which, as a partnership between Gary Barber and Lantern Entertainment, includes many titles that were made by Miramax. So far, it is those titles that have grabbed the most limelight as the company develops its slate, which includes the reboots of horror franchises Scream and Hellraiser.

Rosow was repped in the deal by Hotchkiss Daily & Associates.


via The Hollywood Reporter

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