‘Black Adam’ Will Also Include Doctor Fate and Hawkman!!

In one of the more impressive virtual displays put on since the pandemic, DC’s Fandome just keeps rolling on, and they brought out all the big guns to hype the upcoming DC slate from The CW to cinemas to HBO Max. And who has bigger guns than Dwayne Johnson, the star and producer of the upcoming Black Adam movie? Johnson headlined and hosted a presentation for Black Adam, fielding fan questions, chatting briefly with co-star Noah Centineo, and debuting some first-look concept art. And ever the true showman, Johnson wrapped up the panel with a striking teaser that revealed Black Adam will introduce the Justice Society of America.

Introduced in the comics in 1940, the JSA is a sort of proto-Justice League that originally included some familiar faces like Green Lantern and Flash. However, Black Adam‘s take will introduce audiences to some lesser-known heroes. Namely, this version of the JSA will include Doctor Fate and Hawkman, alongside “new recruits” Cyclone and Centineo’s Atom Smasher.

Centineo also teased some details about this take on Atom Smasher.  “Al — his real name [is] Al Rothstein — really has something to prove,” the actor said. “His grandfather was kind of a villain. What I love about the character is he goes through this transformation… Because this is his first mission, it’s this journey that he goes on of what it means to be a superhero.”

And the JSA might not be the only do-gooding superheroes to cross Black Adam’s path. While it’s far from confirmed, Johnson heavily hinted that he could come face-to-face with Superman; a crossover that would make a lot of sense after the character cameoed in Shazam! and considering those rumors that Henry Cavill is in talks to return as the Man of Steel for a non-standalone film. “It might be cool to hang out with Superman,” Johnson said, “Because of our strengths and speed; Black Adam and Superman could become friends.. Or they won’t.”

For now, you can check out some screenshots of the JSA in action below.


Image via DC


Image via DC


Image via DC


Image via DC


Image via DC


Image via DC


Image via DC


Image via DC


via Collider

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