‘Lockdown’: Anne Hathaway to Star in Doug Liman’s Pandemic Heist/Romcom!!

Doug Liman, a director behind such massive hits as Mr. and Mrs. Smith and such beloved cult objects as Edge of Tomorrow, is a man who likes balance. While he’s currently prepping to send Tom Cruise literally into space for a film, his next project is a little more, and I apologize in advance but this is simply the only way to phrase it, down to earth. Deadline reports that Liman will be directing Lockdown, a genre-bending low-budget film set very much in modern times, and Anne Hathaway will be the star.

To send Cruise into space, I imagine you need around $18 billion. To send Hathaway into what’s being described as a heist/romcom hybrid, you only need $10 million or less. The genre-bender will take place literally during the coronavirus-fueled lockdown, and will start filming literally during the coronavirus-fueled lockdown (the end of September, unless we all start getting much luckier). The film is written by Steven Knight, who also wrote and directed the fiendishly bonkers Hathaway-starring Serenity, and if it even has half of that gonzo energy (not to mention Liman’s gonzo energy), I am all the heck in. Lockdown will be produced by Alison Winter (Liman’s American Made) and P.J. van Sandwijk (the aforementioned Cruise in Actual Space movie).

via Collider

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