‘The Witcher’ Season 2 Gets a First Look!! Check It Out!!

Our first look at The Witcher Season 2 has arrived, offering a tantalizing tease of Henry Cavill‘s character Geralt of Rivia. And well, these photos come with a “thirst trap” TW.

The Enola Holmes actor took to Instagram Monday morning to share a couple of images offering a first look at his character back in action in The Witcher Season 2, which is currently in production in the UK. Filming began earlier this year, but was subsequently shut down due to COVID-19. But The Witcher was also one of the first productions to resume filming with new safety regulations, and has been doing so for over a month now.

We don’t know too much about what will happen in The Witcher Season 2 other than the fact that it will capitalize on the ending of Season 1, and will further expand the fantasy world that writer Andrzej Sapkowski first created in his Witcher books. One key point of interest we do know is that Season 2 of the Netflix series will delve into the origin story of Cavill’s character Geralt of Rivia, and the second season will also – according to its showrunner – have a less confusing timeline.

This new Witcher Season 2 images show off Geralt’s brand new armor for the upcoming season, and frankly it does a body like Cavill’s good. Seriously, this armor is both incredibly practical and is 100% a showcase for Cavill’s seemingly unending number of muscles. If this armor is prevalent throughout Season 2, I expect plenty more bath scenes with Geralt to follow.

The Witcher was a bit of a surprise crossover hit for Netflix, premiering during the holidays in 2019 and picking up steam as word-of-mouth built. It’s not a show just for hardcore fantasy fans, but it also is absolutely right up your alley if you’re into that kind of thing. But what makes The Witcher stand out for me is that it’s a show that knows exactly what it is – as further evidenced by this eye-popping first look at Cavill in Season 2.

Check out the Witcher images below, followed by the official synopsis for Season 2. And per Netflix, we may be expecting additional first looks at Season 2 to come this week as well, so stay tuned.


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix

Here’s the official synopsis for The Witcher Season 2:

Convinced Yennefer’s life was lost at the Battle of Sodden, Geralt of Rivia brings Princess Cirilla to the safest place he knows, his childhood home of Kaer Morhen. While the Continent’s kings, elves, humans and demons strive for supremacy outside its walls, he must protect the girl from something far more dangerous: the mysterious power she possesses inside.


via Collider

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