‘GLOW’ Cast Letter Calling for Better Representation!!

Six cast members of the now-canceled Netflix series GLOW lobbied for better and fairer representation in their future storylines, according to a statement shared by one of the group’s members, Sunita Mani. The effort was initiated during the show’s COVID-19-mandated hiatus and spurred on by the Black Lives Matter protests occurring around the nation in recent months. It’s also equally as important to note this effort was made before Netflix chose to cancel GLOW earlier this month despite scoring a Season 4 renewal, a shocker of a decision for fans of the ’80s wrestling drama.

On Monday night, Mani shared via Instagram a personal statement on the attempts made by her and fellow GLOW alums Sydelle NoelleBritney YoungKia StevensEllen WongShakira Barrera earlier this year to affect change in the production of GLOW Season 4. Mani’s statement indicates she and her castmates had the full support of GLOW‘s creators and producers, too. At one point, Mani writes, “We wrote a letter to Netflix including our shows creators and executive producers that led to a series of poignant Zoom conversations. […] Our show creators and producers HEARD US. They were in the process of making Season 4 reflect some of the systemic problems we outlined. I was afraid to speak on these issues with my bosses, whom I respect and think are so brilliant, but was deeply moved by the support of my fellow castmates. This was a huge deal — creating a space for change — and it was a testament to the love and support that was, by no twist of fate, an intentional element seeded by our show’s creators and germinated by the entire cast.”

Near the end of her personal statement, Mani shared her thoughts on GLOW‘s eventual cancellation and what it meant to have that happen after this push by her and her co-stars — and it hits hard. She writes: “I can’t help but think that a show that tried to tackle themes surrounding women in Hollywood and loaded racial stereotypes —  the RELEVANT, precise moment we are in 30+ years later — that sought to imbue within each of us as a cast, and hopefully as a viewer, a sense of pride in who you are, COME AS YOU ARE, ultimately got squashed by…a Netflix corporate algorithm?”

Read Sunita Mani’s statement and the letter sent to Netflix and GLOW‘s top brass below.


via Collider

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