‘Mercy Sparx’: MGM Working on Comic Book Adaptation!!

MGM has acquired the film rights to an interesting and cool sounding creator-owned comic book series titled Mercy Sparx. The comic was created by Josh Blaylock and Matt Merhoff and the story centers on a female demon who is hired by the higher-ups in Heaven to hunt down renegade angels.

The title character is a female demon sent from Hell to Earth on a mission, which she must complete while hiding among humans. On earth, Mercy has an existential crisis and begins to see the gray area between good and evil. It forces her to choose her place within it and compromises her mission. Shafir’s script is said to be akin to a female Constantine, the adaptation that starred Keanu Reeves several years ago.

I’ve never heard of the comic until now, but apparently, it has become a cult favorite since it made its debut ten years ago through Devil’s Due Publishing. The studio sees this as a possible franchise with an empowering female character in the lead.

The film will be written by newcomer Nick Shafir, who said, “I am so immensely proud of this project and grateful to everyone who got it this far. I think you guys are gonna love it!”

This sounds like a great story, so it’ll be interesting to see how this adaptation turns out!

via Geek Tyrant

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