‘American Horror Stories’: Ryan Murphy Reveals First Poster and Details of the ‘AHS’ Spinoff!! Check It Out!!

TV producer extraordinaire Ryan Murphy is on a bit of a tear this week in terms of feeding rabid American Horror Story fans. First he revealed a toothy new poster for AHS Season 10, and now he’s unveiled the first poster and some intriguing details for the AHS spinoff American Horror Stories. The new series will air on FX (and on streaming on FX on Hulu), and until now all we knew was that each episode would be its own self-contained story.

But Murphy took to Twitter to reveal that American Horror Stories will consists of 16 one-hour standalone episodes “delving into horror myths, legends and lore.” As if that wasn’t enough, Murphy said that you can expect many of these episodes to feature AHS stars “you know and love.” So yeah, don’t be shocked if Sarah Paulson and/or Evan Peters make an appearance.

Indeed, in some of Murphy’s TV work like Glee or Nip/Tuck there was a tendency for his stuff to be downright great at the beginning, but to run out of steam sooner or later. The AHS conceit allows Murphy and his team to start over every season, but American Horror Stories now goes one further and shortens the self-contained story down to a single hour.

No air date for the spinoff has been revealed, but American Horror Story Season 10 only just started filming after a significant COVID-19 delay, so it’s possible the spinoff will come after the new season of AHS. In the meantime, check out the creepy poster for American Horror Stories below.


via Collider

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