‘Transformers’: ‘Creed 2’ Helmer Steven Caple Jr. to Direct Next Installment!!

One of the unsung success stories of the past few years is that Bumblebee came around and showed that Transformers movies could be good once you got them away from Michael Bay. Now Paramount aims to continue on in that direction by tapping Creed 2 director Steven Caple Jr. to helm the next Transformers movie. According to Deadline, “After meeting with several top execs including Paramount Motion Picture President Emma Watts, the studio saw Caple as the best fit for the franchise that the studio chose to revamp at the top of the year.”

The reboot of Transformers is long overdue, but the question now becomes if they’ll keep going in the direction of Bumblebee—family-friendly action-adventure that leaves room for more standalone stories—or if they’ll try for something more mythologized and aimed at an older audience despite the subject matter being a bunch of space robots who fight each other.

Personally, I thought Bumblebee was a terrific success for the Transformers franchise, and I think that film heralds a better direction forward for the series. While the film was a modest hit ($467 million worldwide off a $135 million budget), I’m inclined to believe that Paramount probably wants to push the series back to the days when installments would gross over a billion worldwide, and perhaps that’s what they’re looking for with Caple Jr.’s movie. But honestly, at this point, as long as Bay and his unwieldly mishmash of CGI obliteration isn’t involved, there’s hope for this series and its giant punching alien robots.


via Collider

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