The ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Trailer Teases the Jared Padalecki led Reboot!! Check It Out!!

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki debuted the first trailer for his upcoming CW series Walker, Texas Ranger on his Twitter account, and it’s… kind of disappointing.

For those of you who didn’t grow up in the 90s, Walker, Texas Ranger was a cartoonish action series starring none other than Chuck Norris as a no-nonsense Texas lawman. The show ran for eight seasons on CBS and in perpetuity on daytime syndicated television, with its defining characteristics being its melodramatic plot lines and the constant windmilling presence of Norris’ mighty legs. Seriously, Walker kicks the shit out of the bad guys, frequently sending them flying off camera in comedically impossible fashion. The kick-to-scene ratio in any given episode of Walker was rarely a balanced figure. The fact that the marketing campaign of this new Walker, Texas Ranger series isn’t centered around the word “reboot” is frankly astonishing.

Surprisingly, not only does this 30-second trailer not feature a single Padalecki boot (the man is a giant and could theoretically deliver some devastating wheel kicks), but there’s almost no action at all outside of a brief shot of a speeding police car. Instead, it focuses entirely on the fact that Walker’s wife was killed in some unspecified tragedy for which he feels responsible, and he will not rest until he… solves it? It’s unclear what sort of conspiracy he believes occurred, or even what exactly happened to his wife in the first place. Seriously, every single line of dialogue in this trailer is a direct reference to Walker’s dead wife, and it is extremely funny. Based on the trailer, the show should be called Walker, the Guy with the Dead Wife. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of the cheesy action that made the original series such a hit as we get closer to the reboot’s premiere date, but for now, this feels like a let-down. You can check out the trailer below and judge for yourself. Walker, Texas Ranger debuts on The CW January 21.


via Collider

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