Ray Fisher Refuses to Work with DC Films President Walter Hamada!!!

The war of words between Ray Fisher and DC doesn’t show any signs of quieting down. The controversy made headlines ever since Fisher accused director Joss Whedon and producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg of misconduct on the Justice League set. In the meantime, WarnerMedia launched an investigation about what really happened during the filming of the 2017 superhero film. And now, the actor has again to Twitter to wage war on Warner Bros., with heated words for Walter Hamada. Reacting to a recent New York Times profile of the DC Films president, Fisher called him “the most dangerous kind of enabler,” who attempted to “undermine the very real issues of the Justice League investigation.” Fisher then stated that he wouldn’t take part in any future production involving Hamada.

Fisher seems to be referencing his recent claim that Hamada asked him to back off his criticism of producer Johns. The above-mentioned investigations ended up with WarnerMedia’s claim that they took some remedial action, and those responsible received some sort of punishment. Warner Bros. never made the specifics public. However, many commentators noticed that the news came after Whedon’s recent departure from his HBO series, The Nevers.

Fisher’s Cyborg was at one point rumored to appear in the upcoming Flash movie. However, if he refuses to appear in any movie associated with Hamada, that would rule out any upcoming DC feature films.


via Coming Soon

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