Preity Zinta Producing Hrithik Roshan led Indian Remake of ‘The Night Manager’ Series!!

Preity Zinta and Hrithik Roshan, the very own one of the couple whom we will ever admire. The duo which created different kind of magic among the audience with Koi.. Mil Gaya in 2003, which will stay in our hearts forever. Since then they’ve been a very good friends.

Now the duo is back in cast for another film? No, this time they both are coming together in a different way. Actress Preity Zinta has turned producer for an OTT web series and has casted her buddy Duggu (Hrithik) for the show, according to the sources.

An impeccable source states, “Preity thought of her friend Duggu (Hrithik) because he was perfect for the role. She is producing an Indian version of the celebrated John Le Carre novel The Night Manager. The lead requires the character to be complex and multi-layered. Hrithik immediately said yes.”

If this spellbinding happens, the series will be debut for Krissh actor in digital platform so for Preity’s premiere OTT production.


via Yahoo

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