‘Godzilla vs. Kong’ Gets an Epic International Poster!! Check It Out!!

Godzilla vs Kong is just weeks out from its big premiere, and it would put things lightly to say fans are hyped. The big movie plans to bring two of film’s top monsters together, and they will be going for the other’s throat. Now, fans can get a new look at the pair fighting, and it is all thanks to a new poster from China.

Recently, a new poster for the Warner Bros. Pictures sequel went live overseas, and it has made its way online. You can check out the seafaring shot for yourself below. The epic poster seems to take place amidst a scene found in the first trailer for Godzilla vs Kong, and it finds the latter fighting outside of his element.

The poster shows Godzilla and Kong fighting under the sea as carnage rains above them. A slew of naval ships are shown half-sunken atop some choppy waves while Kong holds Godzilla underwater by the neck. The ape is pulling back for a punch while Godzilla whips his tail through debris and readies an atomic blast.

Clearly, the two aren’t feeling friendly with one another here. The eerie poster shows what kind of damage the kaiju can do when they are set off. Not even the water will stop Kong from exerting his dominance against Godzilla, but the new terrain gives the latter monster a distinct boost. After all, Godzilla is well-versed in fighting underwater, but Kong is going to struggle at some points.


via Comic Book

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