‘Gasoline Alley’: Bruce Willis to Re-team with ‘Cosmic Sin’ Director for New Crime Thriller!!

Edward Drake is set to reunite with Cosmic Sin star, Golden Globe winner Bruce Willis (Red, Red 2, Unbreakable, Glass) for Gasoline Alley, a new crime action-thriller shooting this month across the U.S.. Willis will be joined by Luke Wilson (Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, MGM’s Legally Blonde, DC’s Stargirl) and Devon Sawa (Hunter Hunter, upcoming Black Friday), with a script by Tom Sierchio (New York City International Film Festival winner The Girl Who Invented Kissing).

Sawa will play Jimmy Jayne, a bruised-fisted rockabilly boss-type sucked into a triple murder of three Hollywood starlets drowned in a luxury hotel pool. As the prime suspect for Homicide Detectives Freeman (Willis) and Vargas (Wilson), Jimmy takes up his own rogue investigation, bending the law in ways the police can’t in order to clear his name. With the killer skating through Jimmy’s shadow, he bands together with the two Detectives to dangerously expose a truth much bigger than they had imagined.

Highland Film Group is handling international rights and introducing the project to buyers at the virtual European Film Market.

Gasoline Alley is a killer action-thriller. It has all the ingredients for commercial success coupled with a storyline and production values that will elevate the film in the marketplace. Our trusted worldwide partners are looking for these high energy, splashy thrillers and this film ticks all the right boxes,” said Highland Film Group CEO Arianne Fraser.

Tom has written an amazing script and Edward has a one-of-a-kind vision to direct this film so we are particularly thrilled to be working with him on Gasoline Alley. The extra cool factor is brought to the film by the performances of Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson, and Devon Sawa as they embark on car chases in present-time Los Angeles and motorbike through the city in search of the killer. The film is packed with action combat scenes infused by a unique rockabilly atmosphere. It’s going to be fantastic,” continued company COO Delphine Perrier.

Gasoline Alley is a sensational, cutting story about Los Angeles’ anti-heroes going up against the forces trusted to protect us. The phenomenal cast and crew have worked tirelessly to bring Tom Sierchio’s vision to life. Cinematographer Brandon Cox (Cut Throat City), Production Designer Eric Whitney (Bruno), Line Producer Jon Keyes (Survivlaist), and all of the heads of department have my heartfelt thanks for sharing their passionate energy every single day of production. Corey Large and I are committed to working with talented artists to bring singular stories to life. I’m grateful for Devon Sawa, Bruce Willis, and Luke Wilson coming on board to tell Tom Sierchio incredible narrative about the darkest corners of modern society,” said Drake.

Corey Large (The November Man, Cosmic Sin) and Sierchio are producing the film with BondIt Media Capital financing. Matthew Helderman, Johnny Messner, Stephen Eads, and Highland Film Group’s Fraser and Perrier are exec producing.


via FilmCombatSyndicate

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