‘Willow’: Ruby Cruz Replaces Cailee Spaeny as Disney+ Sequel Series Lead!!

Ruby Cruz has been cast in the upcoming Willow TV adaption for Disney+ and Lucasfilm. The original Willow film released in theaters in 1988. George Lucas, the man behind Lucasfilm, also created the original film. Willow featured dwarf and inspiring sorcerer, Willow Ufgood, who took in infant Elora Danan in order to protect her from evil queen Bavmorda. The film did quite well domestically and internationally.

Deadline confirmed that Cruz will be joining the Willow Disney+ TV series as a co-lead role. Cruz is best known for playing Teen Annie in Castle Rock. She will play Kit, a princess who is slated to become the queen of the land. She also has a prince twin brother who is kidnapped. Cailee Spaeny was initially slated to play the role and even taped for it. However, Lucasfilm has abstained from commenting on the extensive recasting process.

Even though Cruz is relatively green in the industry, she does have experience of playing pre-existing characters in adaptions. She is joined by Ellie Bamber and Erin Kellyman. Bamber plays Dove, a kitchen maid who comes to realize she is the “chosen one” with special powers. Kellyman plays Jade, Kit’s servant and best friend. Filming for Willow will occur in Wales where the original movie was filmed. It will seemingly deviate from the original storyline, but there is nothing wrong with a good revamp. Willow is still set to release on Disney+ in 2022 despite several setbacks, including losing its original director.

Willow is the TV adaptation of the fantasy film of the same title, which centered on a dwarf farmer who does magic. A group will band together on a mission to save a kidnapped prince.


via Screen Rant

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