‘The Suicide Squad’ Gets Two New TV Spots!! Check It Out!!

After the fantastic red-band trailerThe Suicide Squad has already released two TV spots, further reiterating how much fun the highly-anticipated superhero film looks. The spots include some brief new scenes featuring Peter Capaldi‘s Thinker and Daniela Melchior‘s Ratcatcher II.

The first TV spot, which director James Gunn shared on Twitter, features a slightly longer version of the scene from the trailer where Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) lay down the terms of membership to newcomer Thinker. The first new spot ends with Thinker telling his new teammates, “It’s suicide,” and Flag responding “That’s kind of our thing.”

The second TV spot doesn’t really reveal anything new, but Gunn seems to want the audience to focus on the villain of the film, as his Instagram post sharing the clip had the caption “There’s something behind Ratcatcher 2.” We only see Melchior‘s Ratcatcher II for a brief shot in the video, as she’s standing in front of a huge creature. The giant kaiju that Task Force X is going to face in the film is none other than Starro the Conqueror, an obscure-yet-pivotal villain in the history of the DC universe. It was Starro – the massive alien starfish – who fought the original Justice League of America in their very first appearance back in 1960.

Perhaps the most exciting part of The Suicide Squad trailers so far is the huge cast on display, full of characters who haven’t really got much attention. This only means that there will be more opportunities for future trailers to showcase these would-be heroes, and also plenty of on-screen deaths!

The Suicide Squad is scheduled for release in theaters and HBO Max on August 6. Watch the two new TV spots below:


via Collider

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