‘The Offer’: Dexter Fletcher to Helm Making-of ‘The Godfather’ Series for Paramount+!!

After tackling the 70s icon Elton John, Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher is sticking to the same era with Paramount+’s The Offer, an upcoming series based on the making of The Godfather. Fletcher will also serve as an executive producer as well as director for the limited series. He is joined by Michael Tolkin, the writer-creator behind Escape from Dannemora, who will write and executive producer the series.

The Offer will feature 10 episodes about the behind-the-scenes events that created arguably the best movie of all time — The Godfather. The series will focus on never-before-revealed experiences of the making by producer Albert S. Ruddy, who would have been played by Armie Hammer before he dropped out last month. There will also be some competition in the mix, as Barry Levinson is currently making his own film about The Godfather production entitled Francis and the Godfather, starring Elisabeth Moss, Oscar Isaac and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Tapping Fletcher as one of the main directors of The Offer is an interesting choice. He is known for directing more comedic-driven features with a lighter atmosphere. Given the turbulent backstory of The Godfather’s production and its material, hopefully Fletcher can channel lighter into lively. Perhaps he is the middle ground that will save the series from being too serious, and could add some more upbeat and entertaining moments.

Fletcher has a slew of films in various stages of production, including Sherlock Holmes 3, The Saint, Provenance and Renfield, a film focusing on the Dracula henchman of the same name. His previous projects include directing Taron Egerton again in Eddie the Eagle, and notably taking over Bohemian Rhapsody after Bryan Singer’s departure. So, I guess it’s fair to say he may know about complicated production sets.

The Offer has yet to begin filming, but we’ll keep you updated on future announcements.


via Collider

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