‘Knives Out’: Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Update on the Thrombeys Involvement in the Sequels!!

Jamie Lee Curtis took to her personal Instagram account to gives us news about what the Thrombey Family from Knives Out has been up to since the release of the film. Curtis gives fans of the movie a funny update on the Thrombeys’ current whereabouts, letting us know they will not be a part of the sequels.

In her post, Curtis tells fans the Thrombey family are currently undergoing family therapy and moving on with their lives after losing their fortune at the end of Knives Out. Family therapy is perfect for the Thrombeys, since in the first movie almost all the family’s members proved to be manipulative, deceitful, and willing to go to great lengths to gain the family’s wealth, earned by successful writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer).

Curtis also tells us her character, Linda Drysdale, kicked out her husband Richard (Don Johnson) after finding out he had cheated on her at the end of Knives Out. The family, according to Curtis, is “hustling” in real life. Ransom (Chris Evans) learned to knit in jail and has opened a new sweater business. Jani Thrombey (Toni Collette) decided to sell a new vaginal scented bath bomb, a clear nod to Gwyneth Paltrow’s real candle business. Walt Thrombey (Michael Shannon), is self-publishing his memoir, which means the chaotic journey of the family in Knives Out might still be profitable for them.

Curtis finishes her fan-fiction by telling us none of the Thrombey’s will be joining Mr. Blanc (Daniel Craig) in Greece, where Knives Out 2 begins shooting on June 28. No one was really expecting the Thrombeys to return, but Curtis fan-fic is so amusing, we almost feel sorry about the family’s depart from the franchise.

Both Knives Out 2 and Knives Out 3 will be released exclusively at Netflix, after a deal that cost the streaming service almost half-billion dollars. Craig’s private investigator, Mr. Blanc, will show up in both movies, and Rian Johnson will keep control of the franchise as its writer and director. There’s still no release date for the sequels, but both scripts have already finished by Johnson.

You can check Curtis’s original fan fiction post below:


via Collider

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