‘Selena: The Series’: Netflix Reveals Part 2’s Release Date and Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has announced Selena: The Series Part 2 will debut on May 4, in addition to releasing a new teaser trailer and poster. Part 1 premiered back in December of last year, and it only served to reinforce the late singer’s enduring popularity after the soundtrack album managed to reach number eight on the Billboard 200 chart, while the streamer announced in early January that the series had been streamed by over 25 million households in the first four weeks it was available.

The hit show stars The Walking Dead alum Christian Serratos as Selena Quintanilla, with supporting roles from Gabriel Chavarria, Ricardo Chavira, Noemí Gonzalez, Seidy López, Jesse Posey, Julio Macias, and Natasha Perez. Part 1 followed the young girl with big dreams as she pursued stardom, with the ninth episode culminating in the fallout from the budding relationship between Selena and Posey’s Chris Perez.

Part 2 picks up with Selena as she continues to deal with her newfound success while venturing through the Tejano music world. She’s got a lot on her plate in trying to strike the perfect balance between work, family, and love. But with the help of her closest friends and family, they embark on the journey together.

The announcement teaser is hardly packed with new footage, but it’ll be more than enough to start raising awareness among the millions of fans who flocked to Part 1 when it was added to the Netflix library. Selena: The Series has no doubt seen the titular singer acquire a whole new legion of fans as well.

Despite Selena’s career coming to a tragic end at a young age, the popularity of Selena: The Series has shown that her legacy and music continues to resonate with many. Selena: The Series debuts part 2 on Netflix on May 4. Watch the trailer below:


via Collider

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