‘Saw 10’ Reportedly Already in Development!!

Lionsgate certainly seems to have high hopes for Spiral: From the Book of Saw, as a tenth Saw movie is already supposedly in development. The latest issue of Production Weekly (via Bloody Disgusting) lists Saw X as a project in active development, and even without an official announcement, the odds are that one of our favorite horror franchises is planning big things for the future. Saw X is reportedly produced by James Wan, who has been an executive producer for every movie in the franchise since directing the first Saw.

The first Saw movie was released in 2004, with a new sequel of the franchise hitting theaters every year until 2010, when the seventh installment, Saw: The Final Chapter, promised to finish Jigsaw’s journey. The greatest horror franchises are never really over, though, and Lionsgate tried to revive it in 2017, with Jigsaw. This eighth movie, though, was not well received by critics and fans alike, with a lukewarm box office that didn’t justify a direct sequel right away.

Now Lionsgate looks to be betting on a new revival for the Saw franchise with Spiral, which will star Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock, and Max Minghella in a brand-new take on the franchise, set years after the reign of terror from Jigsaw (Tobin Bell). Spiral is being sold as a fresh take on the franchise, one that it sounds like Lionsgate is excited to follow up with a tenth film.

While the Spiral trailer teases a different kind of Saw movie, a new sequel reportedly in the works might mean Spiral will return the series’ surprising endings, when everything we believed is shattered and the truth behind the death games is revealed. Be it as it may, it looks like we’re in for a treat when Spiral released next month.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw comes to theaters on May 14.


via Collider

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