‘Furiosa’: George Miller Shares Story Details for the Upcoming Prequel!!

Furiosa, the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel starring Chris Hemsworth and Anya Taylor-Joy, will set itself apart from previous movies of the franchise with a story that takes place “over many years.” Director George Miller himself defined Furiosa as “a saga” during a press conference set to announce Furiosa will shoot completely in the Australian outback.

It’s been a few months since Warner Bros. set a release date for Furiosa, which will come to theaters in 2023. Without any official synopsis, this is one of the few plot details we have. During the conference, Miller tells us he “didn’t set out to make a big epic movie,” but the story he wanted to tell demanded a lot of different scenes, allowing us to follow Furiosa through several years, instead of the few days or weeks previous Mad Max titles have spanned.

Even if we still have more than two years before we get to watch Furiosa, its production is moving a lot faster than Fury Road. Miller had the first idea for the fourth Mad Max film in 1987, with a raw script written in 1998 and shooting initially set to begin in 2001. Fury Road, though, would only premiere in 2015, after more than a decade in development hell.

Soon after, the film was released to both critical and public praise, and rumors of a possible spinoff about Furiosa started almost immediately. Overall, it has taken a lot less time for this movie to actually get rolling, especially when we consider the pandemic has been disrupting film production for more than a year now. This is great news for lovers of action movies, because after Fury Road, we’ve all been waiting to return to the Mad Max universe.

Furiosa will focus on the fan-favorite badass given life by Charlize Theron on Fury Road, but since the story takes place before the events of that movie, Taylor-Joy was cast as a younger version of the character. As for Hemsworth, the actor is expected to play Dementus, a new character with a long, silver scar on his face.

Furiosa will ride into theaters on June 23, 2023. While we wait, you can see the full press conference below:


via Collider

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