Paramount+ Set to Debut Original Movies Every Week in 2022!!

Paramount+ is taking a page out of Netflix’s book and will be releasing one new original film per week on the new streaming service starting next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That’s 52 brand spanking new original movies for the platform, which was just rebranded earlier this year from CBS All Access.

The streamer will also begin a new campaign — dubbed “Mountain of Movies” — which will see a massive dump of over 1,000 new titles to the platform, including some new original movies in the next few months. This will bring the Paramount+ movie total to 2,500, and it’s all for a specific purpose. According to Bob Bakish, president of ViacomCBS, “all of this is a preview to a substantial ramping up of original movies next year, when we expect to begin averaging an original movie a week in 2022.” He also added that “it will be a range of different kinds of movies,” and will include “short-window pay 1” projects.

Bakish kept quiet on the rest of the details surrounding the original movie drop next year, but said there will be more details on what’s to come in the next few months. The exciting news comes just after it was announced that the upcoming Mark Wahlberg project, Infinite, directed by Antoine Fuqua, will head straight to Paramount+. Like so many other movies in the last year, Infinite was supposed to debut in theaters with it arriving on Paramount+ over a month later, but the plan was scrapped. It’ll now be one of the streamer’s first originals. Bakish has seen the movie saying, “it’s a fun film. People love Mark Wahlberg.” Infinite lands on the platform next month.

Still heading to Paramount+ 45 days after their theatrical releases are A Quiet Place II, Paw Patrol, and the newest Paranormal Activity film. It’s still a long road for the streaming platform as it tries to contend with HBO Max, Disney+, and Netflix, as well as many other smaller services that are all trying to grab new subscribers.


via Collider

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