‘Explant’ Trailer Teases World of Wonder’s Latest Documentary!! Check It Out!!

Emmy-winning media company World of Wonder today released the trailer for its latest documentary project, EXPLANT, which will be making its world premiere on June 13th at Tribeca at Home.

Through the narrative perspective of the iconic Michelle Visage (“RuPaul’s Drag Race”) during the deeply personal journey to remove her career-defining implants, EXPLANT exposes the stranger-than-fiction story of the breast implant and their shrouded history of complications and auto-immune issues. Supported by a chorus of fellow implant patients and highly qualified medical professionals, this shocking film presents an important dialogue on the seriousness of believing women and the urgent need to take their medical care seriously. The film is directed and edited by Emmy-winning filmmaker Jeremy Simmons.

The eye-opening documentary examines the #1 cosmetic surgery in the world today – breast enlargement. Iconic media personality Michelle Visage, who has had breast implants most of her adult life, believes they are making her sick – and she’s not alone. Over the years, hundreds of thousands of women have come forward with similar beliefs, clashing with the medical establishment’s claims that implants are completely safe. The film follows Michelle Visage on her personal journey to have her implants removed.

It also takes a deep dive into the stranger-than-fiction history of the breast implant. From interviews with the first-ever recipient of the modern-day implant to a confession from a whistleblower, the film shows how complications and auto-immune issues have shadowed implants for decades – and why the medical establishment is reluctant to warn patients of these risks.

“Explant” is produced by World of Wonder co-founders Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey and directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Jeremy Simmons, with executive producers Michelle Visage and David Case.


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