Netflix and Tyler Perry Working on a New Madea Movie!!

Netflix has announced via their Strong Black Lead Twitter account that Tyler Perry is developing a new Madea film for the streaming service. The new film will be titled A Madea Homecoming and will premiere at some point in 2022. Madea is the filmmaker and actor’s most well-known creation, an older grandmother that Perry plays.

Madea has been featured in eleven live-action films. 2019’s A Madea Family Funeral was said to be the last film Perry would make that would feature Madea, but he is now bringing the character back for another go-around.

No plot details on the 12th Madea film have been revealed yet. Perry has written, directed, and acted in all of the live-action Madea films, and this one will be no exception. The Madea film franchise has proved to be very profitable, as every very film in the franchise has easily made back its budget. A Madea Family Funeral grossed $75 million during its domestic theatrical run, so it should come as no surprise that the 12th film in the franchise has been greenlit. A Madea Homecoming will also be the first Madea film to not get a theatrical release.

A Madea Family Funeral is the last film in the series to be produced by Lionsgate, as Perry’s deal with the film studio ended in 2014. Although, A Madea Homecoming will not be the first film that Perry will direct for Netflix. Perry wrote and directed the thriller A Fall from Grace, which premiered on the popular streaming service, and he will write, direct, and produce the upcoming drama, A Jazzman’s Blues. If A Madea Homecoming is successful, then perhaps the release of new Madea films will be a regular occurrence over at Netflix.

A Madea Homecoming will be released in 2022. Check out the announcement tweet below.


via Collider

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