‘The Killer’: David Fincher’s Next Filming in Paris this Fall!!

Fans won’t have to wait very long for the next David Fincher movie, as production on The Killer has been announced for this fall in Paris. Fincher will be joined by his Mank Oscar-winning cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt. He will also be reuniting with his Seven scribe Andrew Kevin Walker, who will adapt the screenplay for The Killer from Alexis Nolent‘s graphic novel of the same name. There has only been one cast member announced so far — Michael Fassbender, which is the star’s first time working with the director. Like Mank, The Killer will also be released through Netflix.

The Killer is a French graphic novel series published in 2018, which follows a gruff, troubled, and haunted elite assassin as he attempts to extricate himself from the political consequences his assignments have caused. Upon retiring to Mexico, he’s pulled back into a geopolitical political crisis between Cuba, Venezuela, and the United States. A gritty, neo-noir inspired by the true political actions in the 70s, The Killer is sure to be a thrilling but meaningful cinematic experience.

Fincher has been trying to get this movie made for 14 years, and was originally slated at Paramount before he signed his four-year deal with Netflix. Now that the streaming service is gaining more Oscar nominations, it makes sense that Netflix is fast-tracking Fincher‘s film. As Fincher heads into his late career, reviving passion projects seems like the perfect opportunity, given the money Netflix is willing to throw.

This will be Fincher‘s follow-up to the divisive Mank. Almost all of Fincher‘s projects (besides Alien 3) have received rave reviews and equipped the director with a passionate fanbase, particularly after the success of The Social Network and Gone Girl. Mank was another passion project for Fincher, who managed to secure funding for the film, and turn his late father’s screenplay into a black-and-white opus about the complex old Hollywood screenwriter.

The Killer begins production this fall in Paris. We’ll keep you updated on future news.


via Collider

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