‘Space Jam 2’: New Clip Goes into ‘The Matrix’!! Check It Out!!

Warner Bros. unveils a new clip from Space Jam: A New Legacy seeing Granny, Speedy Gonzalez, LeBron James, and Bugs Bunny in a Matrix-inspired scene. The long-awaited live-action/animated sequel sees the NBA superstar pulled into a WB virtual universe by a rogue A.I. and challenged to win a basketball game against his computerized champions to save his son. In order to win, James enlists the help of the notoriously undisciplined Looney Tunes.

Space Jam sequel has been trapped in development hell for over 20 years, with original star Michael Jordan declining a return and producers struggling to find a replacement, with other considerations including Jeff Gordon, Tiger Woods, and Tony Hawk. James officially joined the project in 2014, but the journey was bumpy once again due to directors departing over creative differences and the film’s release delayed from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As the time nears for its HBO Max and theatrical debut, the studio is looking to build anticipation for the film.

With just over two weeks remaining until its release, Warner Bros. has released a new clip from Space Jam: A New Legacy. The video sees James and Looney Tunes characters Granny, Speedy, and Bugs in a recreation of the iconic opening scene from 1999’s sci-fi action film The Matrix. Check out the clip below:

Given the virtual reality setting of the film, the door was open for the filmmakers to pull from all of WB‘s iconic library for outlandish crossover antics. Though the tease of A Clockwork Orange‘s droogs has put some off, the tease of heading into the worlds of Mad MaxThe Matrix, and DC has proven enough of an exciting notion for audiences. The new clip does offer an interesting look at the nature of its Wachowski tribute, but it also features something a little more intriguing in its animation.

Some have complained over the CGI depictions of the Looney Tunes members, but the new clip should quell some of those concerns with its more hand-drawn animation for the characters. The recreation of the Matrix scene proves impressive in its authenticity and features a nice few twists for fans of the sci-fi action film and the cartoonish world of the Tunes. With just a couple of weeks left until Space Jam: A New Legacy arrives in theaters and on HBO Max, it should be interesting to see what the filmmakers do with the rest of its pop culture references.


via Screen Rant

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