‘Chapelwaite’ Gets a New Red Band Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Epix has just released the red band trailer for its highly anticipated horror series, Chapelwaite. Set in the 1850s, the series adapts Stephen King‘s 1978 short story, Jerusalem’s Lot, where the protagonist moves into his reportedly haunted ancestral home called Chapelwaite and confronts an ancient evil in the surrounding Maine countryside.

Adrien Brody plays protagonist Captain Charles Boone, who is haunted by disturbing visions he’s convinced are hallucinations. In contrast to the short story, the new series finds him looking after his three children, who he also moves into the family home, adding innocent eyes to the horrors he encounters there. To help with the children, he seeks a governess but finds the superstitious townspeople afraid of Chapelwaite and hostile to anyone with the Boone family name. Ultimately, he hires Rebecca Morgan (Emily Hampshire), an aspiring writer who leaps at the chance to chronicle the family’s life in the old mansion.

Filled with shocking imagery and plenty of blood, the trailer takes full advantage of its red band status, making its quiet moments all the more foreboding. We catch brief glimpses of violence and monstrous creatures, but the most skin-crawling moments might be the ones that bookend the trailer, as Boone is terrorized by worms inside his own body. Those images push the trailer into nightmare fuel territory, which is a good sign for anyone looking for their next horror fix.

The story is a prequel to King‘s 1975 novel, Salem’s Lot, which has been adapted several times, including the upcoming New Line film from Annabelle Comes Home director Gary Dauberman. Set in the same small town in Maine, the stories confront their supernatural events in decidedly different ways, with Jerusalem’s Lot reveling in its Gothic elements and period setting. That Gothic horror tone comes across beautifully in the trailer, which revels almost as much in the desolate beauty of its backdrop as it is in the supernatural horrors lurking just out of sight.

Brody is also an executive producer on the series, along with Ready Player One and Wayward Pines producer Donald De Line. They’re joined by Jason  Filardi, Peter Filardi, and Burr Steers, who also directed the first two episodes.

Chapelwaite premieres on Epix on August 22 at 10 PM ET. Check out the red band trailer below:


via Collider

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