‘Mabel’: Judy Greer to Lead Indie Movie About a Girl Whose Friends are Plants!!

Deadline reports that Judy Greer is heading to the indie film Mabel directed by Nicholas Ma. Ma co-wrote the film with Joy Goodwin and this is the second big announcement for Greer as of this week. With a packed schedule of upcoming roles in both movies and television, Greer is also reported to be joining the cast of LA Bound.

Helen Estabrook, Luca Borghesde, and Ben Howe serve as producers on Mabel and it seems like a perfect indie film for Greer to shine in. And who hasn’t thought about talking to your plants before, right?

According to Deadline, the film focuses on Callie, “whose only friends are the plants and trees that surround her home.” When Callie’s dad moves the family to a sterile subdivision because of his job, she is utterly isolated, except for her best friend, a potted plant named Mabel. Greer will be playing Mrs. G. It’s a relatable story, moving to a new place and having to completely start over with new friends and places to go. It’s just… with the added bonus of Callie getting to talk to a potted plant named Mabel.

Greer has made a name for herself by playing the funny friend in countless movies like 13 Going on 30, 27 Dresses, and more, but she’s also constantly surprising audiences. Whether it’s starring in Halloween Kills (set to open on October 15) or taking on the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Maggie Lang in the Ant-Man films, she’s booked and busy and it is wonderful to see. Greer also has a history of bouncing back and forth from bigger blockbuster projects to indie darlings like Uncle Frank. Greer is also currently filming the Disney+ film Hollywood Stargirl alongside Uma Thurman and Grace VanderWaal from director Julia Hart.

We don’t yet know when Mabel will hit theaters. Don’t worry about the wait, though, there is plenty of Greer content coming our way in the future — as it should be.


via Collider

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