Hulu Grows True Crime Output With ‘Dead Asleep’ and ‘Captive Audience’!!

Hulu is expanding its market on the world of true crime with a new documentary called Dead Asleep and a docuseries called Captive Audience! During the Television Critics Association’s Summer Press Tour, Hulu announced a line-up of new programing coming to the platform including the two new true crime additions.

Dead Asleep is being directed by Skye Borgman, who was behind the acclaimed documentary Abducted In Plain Sight and recently worked with Pulse Films on their Oxygen special titled The Case Died With Her. Pulse Films executive producers include Marisa Clifford, Nelesh Dhand, and Sunshine Jackson. The executive producers for Sky U.K. include Jack Oliver and Poppy Dixon. Captive Audience is directed by Unsolved MysteriesJessica Dimmock and is executive produced by Anthony Russo, Joe Russo, Jen Casey, and Andrew Jacobs, as well as Mike Larocca, Todd Makurath, Nick Gilhool, and Peter Rieveschl.

The press release describes Dead Asleep as follows: “Did a remorseful Randy Herman Jr. really commit a brutal murder in his sleep, or was it a convenient cover story? Pulse Films has secured exclusive access to Herman and his family, the defense and prosecution attorneys, journalists who covered the case, forensic psychiatrists and world experts in violent parasomnia (sleep-walking) to give viewers an inside look at the shocking twists and turns of the controversial crime.”

Captive Audience tells the story of Steven Stayner, who disappeared at 7 years-old in 1972. The series tells the story of Stayner, who “mysteriously vanished on his way home from school. Nearly a decade later, his dramatic return to his family sparked ‘80s-era “stranger danger” warnings, legal reforms and one iconic Made-For-TV-Movie2, in which the family’s ordeal was transformed into a prime-time miniseries watched by 70 million Americans. When the credits rolled and the movie ended, it closed one tragic chapter of the family’s life but opened another.” What makes this series unique is that it spans a family’s 50 year journey to discovering the truth and the story of two brothers, “one deemed a villain and the other a hero”, and what is a story versus the truth.

The true crime world is something that so many of us have clung to and we yearn for more content. Hulu giving us both Dead Asleep and Captive Audience is just a new jump into the world of true crime documentaries and docuseries for the platform and we can’t wait to see what both these titles have in store for us!



via Collider

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