‘Interview with the Vampire’: Jacob Anderson to Play Louis in the AMC TV Series Adaptation!!

Just weeks after finding its Lestat, AMC’s Interview With The Vampire TV series has cast the vampire’s counterpart. Game of Thrones alum Jacob Anderson has been cast as Louis de Pointe du Lac, the unfortunate eighteenth-century plantation owner who finds himself turned into a creature of the night. With both leads now cast, the show is set to begin production on its eight-episode season later this year, with a premiere slated for AMC and AMC+ in 2022.

Joining Sam Reid as Lestat de Lioncourt, the ancient vampire who brings chaos to the eighteenth-century American South, Anderson rounds out the leading duo for Interview, as the young man who quickly realizes that the ravenous lifestyle of drinking human blood is not really for him. While Lestat, the vampire who turned him, seems to revel in the immortal life of being a vampire, Louis suffers, still attached to his human soul and resisting the urge to kill, choosing instead to only drink animal blood.

Anderson is now the second actor to play Louis on screen, after Brad Pitt’s portrayal of the landowner-turned-vampire in the 1994 film, based on the novel of the same name. The project will also mark his second appearance in an upcoming fantasy project, alongside his appearance in the next season of Doctor Who — not to mention his long tenure as Grey Worm on Game of Thrones.

AMC’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel comes after an acquisition by the network of eighteen of her novels in 2020, with plans to turn all of them into an expansive television franchise overseen by Mark Johnson. Alan Taylor, a Game of Thrones alum alongside Anderson, has been brought on to direct the first two episodes of the series, as well as joining the team of executive producers.

Interview With The Vampire is created and written by Rolin Jones, who will also serve as showrunner. Jones will executive produce the series alongside Johnson and Taylor, as well as author Rice and her son Christopher Rice. No further casting announcements have been made, though fans can eagerly look forward to who will be joining Anderson and Reid as Claudia, a young but mischievous vampire child.


via Collider

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