‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Renewed for Season 3!!

Unsolved Mysteries became a worldwide phenomenon back in the 80s and 90s, and now we have a new Netflix series that has introduced a new generation of mysteries to fascinate audiences. Per an exclusive from Deadline, the series has officially been renewed for a third season on the streaming platform set to air in the summer of 2022. But it isn’t just about mysteries in this new series, and the third season will reflect that change in pace from the original run of the show.

Created by the original series team of Cosgrove/Meurer Productions and Stranger Things exec producer Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps Entertainment, we have already seen episodes involving more out-there cases, from a strange murder in Oslo to possible UFO sightings, and according to Deadline, the third season won’t differ too much in tone. Terry Dunn Meurer for Cosgrove/Meurer Productions and Levy and Josh Barry for 21 Laps Entertainment serve as executive producers on the series.

The joy of this show doesn’t come from mysteries that we just like to hear about, but rather the renewed vigor for some of these cases and people who are continuing to search for answers. According to Deadline, the Netflix series has received over 5,000 tips over the last few years since the first season premiered, and cases like Alonzo Brooks‘ death are now being reinvestigated by the FBI.

Dunn Meurer had this to say about the series in an official statement:

“The Unsolved Mysteries production team at Cosgrove/Meurer Productions couldn’t be more excited about developing volume 3 of our successful Netflix series. We’re currently in production on more intriguing mysteries and we look forward to our viewers’ help in solving the new cases next summer. Thank you to our Unsolved Mysteries fans who have made the series such a huge success.”

Levy and Barry added, “We feel thrilled and privileged to be filming volume 3 of Unsolved Mysteries. The massive success of our last two volumes on Netflix proved that there is enduring and passionate love for this iconic franchise, and we can’t wait to dig into more of the stories that Unsolved Mysteries tells so uniquely well. 21 Laps is committed to emotional humanist stories, and to be able to tell more of these true stories of mystery alongside Cosgrove/Meurer who produced the original series is a dream come true.”

Season 3 of Unsolved Mysteries will premiere summer 2022 on Netflix, where you can currently watch the first two seasons now.


via Collider

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