‘The People We Hate at the Wedding’: Allison Janney, Kristen Bell, Ben Platt led Comedy Begins Production!!!

Who doesn’t love family gatherings? Seeing relatives you don’t care about, that old grandpa who is borderline racist, the aunt that keeps asking you about your love life… these are all The People We Hate at the Wedding, and also the title of a new Amazon and FilmNation comedy movie starring Allison Janney, Kristen Bell, and Ben Platt, that is starting production today.

Based on a best-selling novel by Grant Ginder (who also wrote Honestly, We Meant Well and the upcoming Let’s Not Do That Again), the movie follows two siblings who agree to attend the wedding of an estranged sister. The story was adapted by Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin and Wendy Molyneux, a duo who wrote for Fox’s Bob’s Burgers. They are also co-writing the script for Deadpool 3.

The People We Hate at the Wedding will be directed by Emmy winner Claire Scanlon, who has a knack for comedy: she directed episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Never Have I Ever, Mapleworth Murders, Fresh Off the Boat, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Faking It. Her new movie will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video, but a release date is yet to be announced.

Rounding up the cast are Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Karan Soni, Dustin Milligan, Tony Goldwyn, Isaach De Bankolé, Jorma Taccone, and Julian Ovenden.

There is no release date for The People We Hate at the Wedding just yet.

You can read the official synopsis below:

The People We Hate at the Wedding follows struggling American siblings Alice (Bell) and Paul (Platt), who reluctantly agree to attend the wedding of their estranged, wealthy half-sister in the English countryside alongside their mother, Donna (Janney). Over the course of the wedding week, the family’s many skeletons are wrenched from the closet, and the unlikely reunion gives everyone the motivation to move their own lives forward. A modern wedding comedy for anyone with a slightly dysfunctional family (everyone), or anyone who’s been forced to attend a wedding they tried to avoid (also everyone).


via Collider

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