‘Operation Mincemeat’: First Images Tease the Bizarre WWII Netflix Movie!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has provided the first look of its new film titled Operation Mincemeat that is based on the strange and absurd real life World War 2 operation of the same name is on its way to the streaming service.

Showcased on the Netflix Film Twitter, the John Madden-directed World War 2 picture gave fans their first look at the upcoming film with a trio of photos of the films stars on set and in costume. The caption the accompanying the photos reads, “Two British officers try to turn the tide of World War II by recruiting an unlikely agent: a dead man. Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Kelly Macdonald, & Johnny Flynn star in OPERATION MINCEMEAT, directed by John Madden, based on one of history’s most absurd plans. Coming soon.”

Production of the film began in 2019, with Netflix acquiring the distribution rights for North America and Latin America back in February of 2021. Warner Brothers International had previously secured the distribution rights for multiple European countries, with the film being given a theatrical release date in the UK of January 7, 2022.

Whether this date will give a hint of when viewers from other regions will be receiving the film can only be speculated on. Madden is known for directing Shakespeare In Love and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with the film being written by Michelle Ashford based on the 1953 book The Man that Never Was by Ewen Montagu, the British intelligence officer that lead the titular operation and who will be played in the film by Firth.

The real life Operation Mincemeat took place in 1943 and was a deception mission that was meant to distract the Axis Powers away from an Allied invasion and eventual liberation of Sicily. The outlandish plan consisted of taking a soldier’s corpse and making it appear that he was a downed pilot carrying documents that showed an Allied plan to attack the Axis controlled Greece rather than the more obvious Sicily. They then sent the corpse into the ocean where the current would wash the body ashore near a known Axis base.

Upon investigating the body and finding the falsified documents, many Axis forces were sent to defend Greece, which allowed the Allied forces to attack and liberate Sicily. As said before, Montagu‘s book The Man that Never Was told the story of this operation and will serve as the source material for the upcoming film. It also served as the inspiration of the 1956 film of the same name.

Operation Mincemeat will be arriving in the US on Netflix, though it does not have a release date as of yet. Look at the images below.


via Collider

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