‘The Batman’ Reveals a New BTS Video!! Check It Out!!

Along with a kick-ass new trailer, we’ve got a new look at the production of The Batman thanks to a new behind-the-scenes reel. The video was shown at DC FanDome to get viewers even more excited for the film than they already were.

Throughout the reel, several shots of new footage are shown, whether from the finished product or just outside of the camera’s fringes. From sinister warnings from The Riddler (Paul Dano) to a funeral gone awry, there is plenty of scenes in the reel for fans to love. These scenes are intercut with footage of new Batman actor Robert Pattinson discussing the upcoming adaptation along with director Matt Reeves and co-star Zoë Kravitz.

The reel elaborates just how different this iteration of Batman is different from other live-action films. Pattinson recounts a meeting with Reeves about the film and being presented with something unique about this new outing. “The first conversation I had with Matt about [the movie],” he says, “I just knew there was something radically different from anything we’ve seen in Batman movies before.”

Reeves takes this concept a step further. He explains that the film goes “right into a young Batman” that “refers to his origins and [is] shaken to his core.” This is seemingly exemplified throughout both the new trailer and this reel, as Bruce struggles to subdue his rage against his moral code.

“He just wants to inflict this type of justice,” Pattinson says of his fights and conflicts as the Caped Crusader, “he’s just compelled to do it. There is no other option.”

Kravitz also gave insight into the relationship her Catwoman has with Batman. “Catwoman really wants to fight for those who don’t have someone else to fight for them,” she explains, “and that’s where Batman and her really connect.” Thanks to the footage shown in this reel and the trailer, we can expect a lot of intimate moments between these two anti-heroes.

Watch the reel with the intriguing footage and information below. After an arduous production journey, The Batman finally arrives in theaters on March 4th, 2022.


via Collider

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