A Blues Brothers Documentary Series Is in Development!!

A docuseries about the classic characters The Blues Brothers is currently in the works. The characters, born out of a Saturday Night Live musical sketch, starred John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as Jake and Elwood Blues, a pair of brothers in an R&B group. While popular on the late-night variety show, the characters really entered the pop mainstream with the 1980 release of their eponymous film, which quickly became a cult classic.

The series will be produced by ALG Brands, as a collaboration between Aykroyd, Belushi’s widow Judith Belushi-Pisano, her son Lucas Pisano, and Utopia Originals. The series does not have a distributor attached yet but will soon be taken out to potential buyers.

Last year The Blues Brothers film was selected by The Library of Congress to enter the National Film Registry. “Being in this most worthwhile cultural preservation initiative made us realize there remains more to this story” Aykroyd stated in an exclusive with The Hollywood Reporter, “Judy and I are pleased to collaborate with Utopia Originals to produce the only authorized, optimized, socio-forensic examination of The Blues Brothers and the world that created and embraces them.”

According to the announcement, the docuseries will include unseen materials, and an extensive history into the mindset of the creators along with the beloved actors and their friendship. It will also include a dive into the group’s music catalog, the legacy of the characters and will tackle the subject of race in the music industry. Belushi-Pisano stated:

“Opening that door is interesting and exciting and undoubtedly will bring a great deal of depth to the project. With this collaboration, we continue Dan and John’s original mission to share their passion for this music and, foremost, to celebrate the artists who created it. We expect this to be a significant historical and cultural investigation.”

The classic characters have spawned an incredible legacy with their energetic music, comedic timing, and incredible car chases. The Blues Brothers docuseries does not have a title or release date yet.


via Collider

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