Henry Cavill Still Wants to Play Superman!!

Heads up Man of Steel fans, it looks like Henry Cavill is open to the possibility of returning to the big screen as Superman.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cavill confided his belief that there remains a lot of room for him to work on the legendary character, stating “[t]here is still a lot of storytelling for me to do as a Superman, and I would absolutely love the opportunity.”

Cavill continued discussing his portrayal of the character, detailing a particular instance of improvisation which deepened his connection with the iconic superhero. “The killing of Zod gave a reason for the character never to kill again, ” Cavill stated, detailing his process in bringing his version of Superman to life.

“Superman falling to the ground and screaming afterward — I don’t think that was originally in the script, but I wanted to show the pain he had. I did far more emotional takes they didn’t choose; tears were happening.”

According to Cavill, this moment of reckoning solidified his connection to the character, and his willingness to expand on him in future projects, stating: “There’s an opportunity for growth after that, to explore the psyche of Superman as a deep, seemingly invulnerable god-like being but with real feeling on the inside.”

Cavill has already played the Man of Steel in three separate films, most recently in the 2017 film Justice League, which has been since been rereleased in Zack Snyder‘s version of the film in 2021. Either way, it has been quite a while since Cavill has taken up the helm of Superman, and there has been some question as to whether or not Cavill would take up the character again. However, with this statement, it seems that Cavill is more than willing to come back to the DC Universe.

As Cavill winkingly said himself, ‘”The cape is still in the closet.”


via Collider

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