‘From’ Trailer Reveals the New Sci-Fi Horror Series From Epix!! Check It Out!!

Have you ever felt like you’re driving in circles, like no matter what you do, you end up stuck on the same stretch of deserted country road, your destination no closer than it was hours ago? Well, if you have, you’ll recognize the kind of devastating concept baked into the DNA of From, an all-new science-fiction horror series premiering on Epix in February of 2022. The network has just released the first trailer for the series that might scare you out of ever taking a detour again.

Starring Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Eion Bailey, From’s new trailer quickly goes from giving the illusion of an innocent time loop — a family in a camper van unable to escape the same stretch of road leading into a deserted town, no matter what they do — to something much more sinister, with the appearance of unseen monsters snatching up children and wreaking havoc on the sanity of the ragtag strangers stuck in the town. As the family is forced to acclimate to a town made up of stranded travelers, they also must learn to follow the rules — or put their lives on the line.

Created by John Griffin and executive produced by showrunner Jeff Pinkner, From is far from the first of EPIX’s sci-fi and horror offerings, having wrapped production just last month in Nova Scotia. The network recently premiered the Adrien Brody-led series Chapelwaite, based on the Stephen King short story Jerusalem’s Lot, and is also responsible for projects like War of the Worlds and Pennyworth, telling the life of famous Batman sidekick Alfred Pennyworth before he arrived at Wayne Manor.

Griffin serves as executive producer on From alongside Pinkner, as well as Jack Bender — who will direct the first four episodes of the series — Josh Applebaum, André Nemec, and Scott Rosenberg from Midnight Radio, Anthony and Joe Russo and Mike Larocca from AGBO, and Lindsay Dunn.

From, also starring Hannah Cheramy, Simon Webster, Ricky He, Chloe Van Landschoot, Shaun Majumder, Corteon Moore, Pegah Ghafoori, David Alpay, Elizabeth Saunders, Elizabeth Moy, and Avery Konrad, premieres exclusively on Epix on February 20, 2022. Check out the all-new trailer below:


via Collider

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