‘Terry Bradshaw: Going Deep’ Trailer Reveals the New HBO Documentary!! Check It Out!!

Terry Bradshaw is trading in the football field for center stage in a new HBO documentary. Terry Bradshaw: Going Deep will highlight the four-time Super Bowl Champion’s appearance at the Clay Cooper Theater in Branson Missouri, one of several that the ex Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback made during a string of live performances. Set to air on HBO on February 1 at 9 p.m. ET, the special will also land on HBO Max.

If you thought Bradshaw was only talented on the field and behind the mic as a sports commentator, you’d be wrong. The football hall of famer is also a masterful storyteller, singer, and musician, and the HBO Max special will show exactly that. As shown in the trailer, Bradshaw will use his wide array of talents to get real and dive deeper into the more emotional stories of his life. Award-winning documentarian Keith Cossrow of NFL films directs the upcoming feature, which will include a tell-all interview and archival footage as well as the legend’s previously filmed on-stage special.

The teaser shows us some big career moments for the football all star, including his first draft out of college with the Pittsburgh Steelers, which would lead to a fourteen season career, as well as clips of Bradshaw throwing touchdown after touchdown and leading his team to countless championships. But great success also comes with its inevitable downfalls and Bradshaw promises to not hold back on these stories as well.

In case you weren’t familiar with his work off the field, Bradshaw has appeared in a wide array of television shows and films, including a starring role alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey in 2006’s Failure to Launch. Singing has also been a passion of Bradshaw’s, specifically country music — the quadruple threat has released several country albums and even appeared as the deer in the first season of The Masked Singer.

Along with starring in the HBO special, Bradshaw will also serve as an executive producer alongside Pat Kelleher, Ross Ketover, Brian Rolapp, and Hans Schroeder, with Cossrow, John Weiss, Pete Frank, Chris Barlow, and Micaela Powers producing. Bentley Weiner will executive produce and Abtin Motia will be the coordinating producer for HBO.

Get ready to grab a front row seat to see the iconic football player headline his own HBO special when Terry Bradshaw: Going Deep hits the service on February 1. Check out the special’s trailer below:


via Collider

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