‘The Adam Project’: New 4-Minute Clip Sees Ryan Reynolds Meeting His Younger Self!! Check It Out!!

Coming off major hits like Red Notice and Don’t Look Up last year, Netflix looks to have another big year in 2022. One of their first blockbuster releases is director Shawn Levy’s The Adam Project starring Ryan Reynolds. The sci-fi adventure film follows “A time-traveling pilot who teams up with his younger self and his late father to come to terms with his past while saving the future.” Since this new film comes out next month, Netflix has released a new 4-minute clip to promote the upcoming project.

In the clip, we see adult Adam (Reynolds) meet up with his younger self, played by Walker Scobell, after his ship crash lands in younger Adam’s garage. We have seen part of this scene in the trailer, but here we get to see it play out in its entirety. The clip starts with adult Adam going to the fridge to get a bite to eat, and he closes it by kicking it with his leg, which immediately rings a bell in younger Adam’s head. Adult Adam then starts to clean up his bullet hole wound on his side while the two Adams start to banter back and forth.

Younger Adam then starts looking through his older counterpart’s stuff, which adult Adam does not appreciate. Younger Adam finds a glowing staff-like object and asks if it is a lightsaber, which further annoys his older self. This is where their banter really starts to kick it into high gear as they begin trading ego blows back and forth. Adult Adam sarcastically jokes about being stabbed when his younger self asks him if he got shot, and then Adult Adam proceeds to call himself a moron.

Adult Adam then goes upstairs and tells his younger self that he can trust him, and younger Adam starts joking about going to therapy to tell them “where the bad man touched me.” In the final part of the scene, Adam presses his older self with various questions like who he is and if he was in the air force. Older Adam keeps repeating that everything is classified. They get into another argument about the previously mentioned “lightsaber” until adult Adam slips up and calls his young self Adam. This forces older Adam to recount young Adam’s history, like his birthday, his dad passing away, and his asthma condition. After another long back and forth, the clip ends with older Adam revealing that he and younger Adam are one and the same.

The Adam Project, from the trailers and this new clip, look to harken back to the classic Steven Spielberg and Stephen King coming of age adventure films of the late 20th century. It appears to have that same fun, sci-fi adventure, time-travel energy that made films like the Back to the Future Trilogy a staple of the genre. With Levy being no stranger to nostalgic offerings with his other credits like Stranger Things and last year’s sleeper hit Free Guy — which also starred ReynoldsThe Adam Project has the potential to be something special.

This clip showcases once again that Reynolds oozes nonstop charm and charisma, and his rapport with Scobell seems to hit all the right endearing notes to make a classic for a new generation. The scene also balances heart and humor really well, which is very important for a film like this. Besides Reynolds and Scobell, the film also stars some heavy hitters, including Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, and Catherine Keener.

The Adam Project releases exclusively on Netflix on March 11, 2022, and you can watch the new clip below.

via Collider

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