‘The Santa Clause’: Tim Allen’s Daughter Elizabeth Allen-Dick Joins the Disney+ Series!!

Keeping it as family friendly as the original movie, Disney+ has announced the addition of Tim Allen’s daughter, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, as one of three new names added to the call sheet for their upcoming series, The Santa Clause. With art imitating life, Deadline reports that Allen-Dick will appear as her father’s character’s daughter in the limited series, and at thirteen years old, the show will be the teenager’s breakout role. And, what better way to experience that than working alongside a trusted member of your own family? Joining Allen-Dick in the casting rollout are Austin Kane, Rupali Redd, and Devin Bright, who will all hold down regular appearances.

The Santa Clause will pick up the story of Scott Calvin (Allen) the man donning the red suit in The Santa Clause trilogy. It’s been almost thirty years since Scott originally picked up Santa’s suit, sleigh, and bag full of responsibilities after the prior Saint Nick took a nosedive off his roof. Now, quickly approaching sixty-five, he’s thinking it’ll soon be time to retire. Not only can he feel his Santa magic dwindling, but he also has a family to think of. Two of his children haven’t experienced a life outside the North Pole, something he can tell is wearing on them. Throughout the series, Scott will try to find someone to step into his oversize boots and pick up the reins. But, with not only his family to appease, Scott will need to make sure the elves and reindeer are happy with his replacement too.

Today’s freshest names join a cast of previously announced talent including Allen, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Kal Penn. Jack Burditt, the creator of Last Man Standing, will serve the series as showrunner. With Burditt’s long-running career as one of Hollywood’s funniest creatives, working on shows including 30 Rock, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Modern Family, he’s just the person up to the job of bringing one of Disney’s most beloved 90s films to the smaller screen.

Allen-Dick’s Sandra is the youngest member of her family. The daughter of Scott and Carol (Mitchell), her parents instilled good morals in her from a young age. A bit of a tomboy, Sandra has made best friends with the animals that inhabit the North Pole, as there are no humans her own age for thousands of miles in every direction. Sandra’s brother, Cal, will be played by Kane. A typical teenage boy, Cal isn’t yet sure what to make of his life. Although he yearns for the world outside the North Pole, his parents worry whether he’ll be able to make it on his own. Redd will appear as Grace. A child who holds on tightly to her strong belief in Santa, Grace is the daughter of game inventor Simon Choksi (Penn). Bright nabbed the role of Santa’s most trusted elf advisor, Noel. His high energy and positive outlook on even the bleakest of situations made him a shoo-in for the job.

With these newest additions to the cast of The Santa Clause, we’re just one step closer to first looks and a release date. As always, stay tuned to Collider for more information surrounding Disney+’s upcoming series.

via Collider

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