‘Prehistoric Planet’ Teaser Teases Sir David Attenborough’s Dinosaur Documentary Series!! Check It Out!!

Apple TV+ has today released the first look at Sir Richard Attenborough‘s hotly-anticipated dinosaur documentary series, Prehistoric Planet. (Imagine the above monologue in Attenborough‘s dulcet tones for just a sec. Okay, read on.) Releasing an episode daily from May 23 through to May 27, the show will “transport viewers over 66 million years in the past to discover our world and the dinosaurs that roamed it,” promises the official synopsis.Prehistoric Planet

The teaser looks like a real prehistoric party, with blockbuster effects and glorious visuals. The real draw, of course, is Attenborough‘s narration: no doubt many across the nation are gonna fall asleep with this one on in the background, as many of us have been known to with Attenborough‘s wider documentary oeuvre. It looks to be doing away with some of the unscientific mythologies perpetuated about the giant lizards by movies like Jurassic Park, showcasing dinos with feathers, and a long-necked herbivore with some interesting breathing nodules on its throat.

In that spirit, the official press release shares a handful of science-y facts, “offering a new understanding of how these amazing creatures lived”. For example:

  • Research shows it is possible that baby Tyrannosaurus Rex would have had feathers
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex were likely to have been more caring parents than was previously thought with evidence to suggest that father’s played the biggest caregiving role
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex are thought to have had highly sensitive faces and could have used nuzzling as a form of communication
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex were incredibly versatile animals capable of living in a vast range of habitats, here we see them in a coastal location

The natural history event series is executive produced by Jon Favreau, Mike Gunton, and BBC StudiosNatural History Unit, Planet Earth. Prehistoric Planet will debut globally on Apple TV+ during a five-night event — Monday, May 23 through Friday, May 27 — with a new episode each day. Catch the teaser and a short video below.

Here’s the official synopsis for Prehistoric Planet:

“Prehistoric Planet will transport viewers over 66 million years in the past to discover our world – and the dinosaurs that roamed it. Set to an original score by multiple Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer, the ground-breaking series combines extraordinary filmmaking with the latest in state-of-the-art technology and scientific learnings to unveil the spectacular habitats and inhabitants of ancient earth for a one-of-a-kind immersive experience.”


via Collider

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