‘I Am’: Kate Winslet Joins Channel 4’s Anthology Series!!

Mare of Easttown star Kate Winslet has landed her newest role. Along with her daughter, Mia Threapleton, Winslet will soon be seen in the Channel 4 series, I Am. In I Am, creator Dominic Savage focuses each episode on a different character’s life. Winslet and Threapleton will be starring in the show’s third season, feature length episode titled “I Am Ruth.”

For Winslet, who saw an incredible amount of success with her performance in last year’s HBO crime based miniseries, Mare of Easttown, the project is sure to be an exciting one. Not only will she be starring, but she’ll be able to do so alongside her daughter, which we imagine is an added bonus. After sweeping the awards circuit for her role in Mare of Easttown, fans have been holding their breath to see just what Winslet will pick up next. As for her big screen work, Winslet will soon appear in Avatar 2, which is slated for a release in December. It will be a debut for her character, Ronal, who was not featured in the original 2009 James Cameron flick.

For Threapleton, the young actress held a small role alongside her mother back in 2014 in the Alan Rickman-directed period piece feature, A Little Chaos. She also recently starred in the 2020 horror-thriller, Shadows. Nothing more is known about her character in I Am at this time.

Debuting in 2019, I Am has seen countless high profile actresses tackle its leading roles. From Vicky McClure to Gemma Chan and Letitia Wright, the series has attracted A-list talent to its moving and heartfelt storylines over its two season run. A celebrated name in the entertainment industry as an actor, writer, and director, Savage stands at the helm of this critically acclaimed series and pours his soul into the inspiring stories surrounding its leading women. Calling Winslet a “legend” with “incredible and sublime acting talent,” it’s clear that Savage is thrilled for the show’s newest casting addition.

And he isn’t the only one with kind things to say. Just as excited as Savage and fans were to know that Winslet had signed on for the upcoming season, Winslet commented:

I have always admired Dominic’s work and, in particular, his commitment to telling real stories. British television is at an all time high, and I feel excited and honoured to be part of this community, especially right now.

While we’ll need to wait a bit for more casting announcements and a release date, we do know that the cameras for “I Am Ruth” will begin rolling at the end of April.

via Collider

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