‘The Kids in the Hall’ Trailer Reveals the Revival Series!! Check It Out!!

Prime Video has unveiled the official trailer for their revival of The Kids in the Hall and the kids have wasted no time biting the hand that feeds. Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, and Scott Thompson are back from beyond the grave to re-establish the beloved Canadian sketch comedy series after 30 years off the air. With footage that teases new skits, characters, and bizarre humor also comes an official release date for the series. Prime Video will release the first season in its entirety on May 13.

As a little jab that pokes fun at streaming networks digging up old shows for new content, the trailer begins with the cast members being literally dug out of the Kids in the Hall grave, presumably by an Amazon employee. We then see McKinney in character as a stuffy TV executive chatting with his assistant (Foley) about who is financing this reboot, whether it be the devil again or the closely-related Amazon. McKinney then asks Foley, “Do you know what Amazon wants from Kids in the Hall?” He responds with “Yes Don, a funny show, but one that is free from targets, topical topics, alarming edginess, or unsettling settings.” The kids decide to follow exactly none of those rules.

The new teaser gives a brief look at some new sketches that look to capture the same absurdity that made the original series so magical. From a criminal pursued by police for trying to crush a tower with his fingers to a conspiracy theory nutjob and even an apparent parody of the Queen of England christening the opening of the last glory hole, the comedy group doesn’t seem to have lost their touch. One departure from the original is the lack of an audience, giving skits a feel similar to those of Whitest Kids U’Know, an American sketch comedy that aired from 2007 to 2011.

The Kids in the Hall began its Emmy-nominated run on television in 1989, spanning five seasons on HBO, CBC, and later CBS. They followed that up with a movie in 1996, The Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy before going their separate ways. Since then, they’ve done a reunion special in CBS miniseries Death Comes to Town as well as a number of tours, but The Kids in the Hall show has lain dormant since it ended in 1995.

The long-hoped-for return of the sketch comedy was announced back in 2020, receiving an eight-episode order. For the reboot, the five original cast members will be joined by their old executive producer and SNL creator Lorne Michaels. All eight episodes of The Kids in the Hall reboot rise from the dead on Prime Video on May 13.

Check out the trailer below to see the original cast members shake off the rust and get back to the head-crushing absurdity.


via Collider

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