‘The Sticky’: Amazon Prime Video Sets Scripted Series on Canada’s Maple Syrup Heist!!

Prime Video has just announced a new original streaming series that is, well, a bit sticky. The Sticky, Prime Video‘s newest original series — produced by Blumhouse Television and Canada’s Sphere Media — will join thousands of other films and television series on the streaming app.

Set in Quebec, The Sticky is an English-language scripted series focusing on the ultra-Canadian incident dubbed the “Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist” when it was occurred in 2011. The heist resulted in the theft of $18 million dollars (CAD) of Quebec’s highly prized national maple syrup reserves, an amount that makes up about 70% of the global maple syrup supply. Glug glug, indeed.

The series will consist of thirty-minute episodes and will follow Ruth Clarke, a Canadian maple syrup farmer who is, quite frankly over the viscous film of politeness set over Canadian society. With the country’s bureaucracy threatening her farm, Ruth will set out to take back control of her own fate. With the help of Remy Bouchard, a petit local character, and Mike Byrne, a local mobster, Ruth will set out to commit Canada’s biggest syrup job.

Of the project, Christina Wayne, head of Canadian Originals at Amazon Studios said,“[w]e are thrilled to be working with this incredible lineup of talent behind the scenes to bring this story to life.” She continued by saying, “[t]he Amazon Studios team in Canada couldn’t resist these characters and a story centered around delicious stolen goods is perfect for our Prime Video audience.”

The Sticky is a unique story that can only be set in Quebec and a crime caper that we think audiences around the world will enjoy,” said producer Chris McCumber, president of Blumhouse Television, the production company behind the project. “Not only did it make total sense to partner with Amazon Studios development team in Canada, but Canada has some of the best talent working in front of and behind the camera.”

Producers Jamie Lee Curtis and Russell Goldman were thrilled with the opportunity to work with Blumhouse, stating, “Comet Pictures is proud to be producing The Sticky with Blumhouse, Prime Video, and our partners. When we read Ed and Brian‘s pilot, not only was the story so strange and delightful, the whole genesis of their series came from an older woman whose life is being ruined by bureaucratic men and her deciding to finally stop taking their s**t. It’s the beginning of a crime story that will make for funny and riveting television.”

The Sticky is produced by Blumhouse Television, Jonathan Levine’s Megamix, Jamie Lee CurtisComet Pictures, and Canadian producers Sphere Media. Filming will begin late this fall in Montreal.


via Collider

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