‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Cancelled After Four Seasons!!

Amidst The CW‘s Thursday bloodbath that saw six series get the ax, Roswell, New Mexico was canceled by the network ahead of its fourth season. The upcoming fourth and final chapter of the show will continue apace and release on June 6, but there will be no more stories from the network involving Liz Ortecho and Max Evans afterward.

Roswell, New Mexico was The CW‘s adaptation of the Roswell High series of young adult novels from Melinda Metz, following in the footsteps of the popular Roswell from 1999. Starring Jeanine Mason and Dean Parsons as Liz and Max, the series follows the former as she returns home to Roswell to work in her family’s diner after losing her biomedical research grant. The daughter of two undocumented immigrants, Liz discovers upon returning that her high school crush Max has been an alien the entire time, keeping his powers a secret from all around him. She reconnects with him and vows to keep his identity safe, but fears of a greater alien presence are heightened after a grisly attack, stoking fear and hatred among the populace that puts Max in danger.

Outside Mason and Parsons, Roswell, New Mexico also featured Michael Vlamis, Lily Cowles, Tyler Blackburn, and Michael Trevino among others. The series hails from The Originals writer Carina Adley MacKenzie with Julie Plec on as the director. The series differed somewhat from the original 1999 show, focusing instead on older, more mature versions of the characters rather than teenagers, but the relationship between Liz and Max was still the focal point. It’s generally been considered a solid series among fans, scoring a 69% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The one silver lining for fans here is that it doesn’t mark an immediate end for the series given another season is nearly underway. It means that the wild Season 3 finale, which saw Shiri Appleby who played Liz in the original Roswell drop in for a surprise appearance, won’t go unresolved. Appleby had previously directed a few episodes of the series, but she is slated to take on a bigger role and provide answers to that ending in the upcoming season, leaving much to look forward to before Roswell, New Mexico goes dark for good.

Roswell, New Mexico joined Dynasty, Charmed, In the Dark, Naomi, and 4400 as the shows canned by the network on Thursday. Hype is building for the fourth and now final season which just received a trailer teasing what’s to come. It’ll air on June 6.


via Collider

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