‘Slippin’ Jimmy’: First Look Teases the Upcoming ‘Better Call Saul’ Animated Prequel!! Check It Out!!

AMC+ has released the key art for Slippin’ Jimmy, a six-part animated spinoff of the hit drama series Better Call Saul. Featuring a child version of Saul Goodman aka Jimmy McGill, Slippin’ Jimmy acts as a casual and family-friendly prequel to the bloody original series.

The key art features Jimmy and his friend Marco Pasternark before they became an unstoppable team of con artists. In the animated series, Jimmy and Marco are still in school, the reason why they are using matching uniforms in the new art. Besides the duo, the key art also presents a new character, a mean-looking adult who is an authority figure in Jimmy’s school. The spinoff follows the children’s first troubles with the law, as they hone their con skills long before Jimmy became Saul Goodman.

All six short-form episodes of Slippin’ Jimmy were released yesterday, May 23, on AMC+. The series gives us a peek at the childhood of Jimmy just as the main series reaches its mid-season finale. Starring Bob Odenkirk as the crook lawyer Jimmy/Saul, Better Call Saul is currently on its sixth and final season. The first half of the season aired weekly until today, May 24, with the remaining six episodes of Season 6 set to air from July 11 to August 15.

Slippin’ Jimmy is one of three animated spinoffs of Better Call Saul recently announced by AMC. Also set for this Spring is Cooper’s Bar, an animated spinoff starring Better Call Saul’s Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler. Finally, coming back for a fourth season is Better Call Saul Employee Training. The show’s previous seasons focused on Los Pollos Hermanos employee training, Madrigal Electromotive security training, and Ethics Training with Kim Wexler (Seehorn). Now, the series will teach fans how to produce TV commercials in the style of Saul Goodman. The fourth season of Better Call Saul Employee Training is set to air this Summer.

Slippin’ Jimmy is produced by Rick and Morty animators Starburns and written by Better Call Saul writers Ariel Levine and Kathleen Williams-Foshee.

All episodes of Slippin’ Jimmy are available right now on AMC+. Check out the new art below:

slippin jimmy key art

Here’s the synopsis for Slippin’ Jimmy:

‘Slippin’ Jimmy’ follows the misadventures of a young Jimmy McGill and his childhood friends in Chicago, Illinois. Told in the style of classic 70s-era cartoons, each episode is an ode to a specific movie genre — from spaghetti westerns and Buster Keaton to The Exorcist. Voice talent includes Chi McBride, Laraine Newman and Sean Giambrone, among others.


via Collider

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