‘Girl in the Picture’ Trailer Teases a True Crime Based Story!! Check It Out!!

In 2017, Skye Borgman shocked the world with her documentary Abducted in Plain Sight. The story told the tale of a young woman and her family’s plight of fighting off a predator seeking to take her from them. And now, five years later, Borgman and her team are back to bring us another absolutely bonkers true-crime-based story. Girl in the Picture will follow the heartbreaking tale of Sharon Marshall and her father, Franklin Floyd, who made his daughter’s life a living hell. Dropping on Netflix on July 6, the streaming service has released a heart-pounding trailer for what’s to come in their newest documentary.

The trailer takes us back to 2002 when investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck received a picture of a father and daughter. As Birkbeck puts it, he immediately knew something was “terribly wrong” by the look in the young girl’s eyes. Birkbeck, who’s known for his work not only on this case but also for his investigative dives into the well-known crimes surrounding the now deceased Robert Durst, quickly began to unravel the web of lies surrounding the man in the picture. A fugitive and felon with multiple allegations stacked against him, Floyd was not the man you’d want to be in charge of taking care of a child. From here, the case begins to take off as it’s discovered that instead of protecting his daughter, Floyd waited until she reached her teenage years and then used her as a means of income, forcing Marshall to work in the exotic dancing industry and changing their names everywhere they went. As the team dives deeper, one question remains: Where is Sharon Marshall?

Along with her work on Abducted in Plain Sight, true-crime fans may recognize another recent title that Borgman put out on Hulu titled, Dead Asleep. That project looked into a murder in which the defendant claimed that he was sleep-walking when he killed his roommate. With a knack for storytelling and giving a good background to some of the most unbelievable cases around, it looks like Borgman is at it again with Girl in the Picture. Birkbeck executive produced the project which used material from the author’s two non-fiction books, Finding Sharon and A Beautiful Child. Jimmy Fox serves as producer.

If you’re a fan of a little mystery mixed in with true crime, Girl in the Picture is the new documentary for you. With every step forward in discovering where and who Marshall is, a new bizarre layer in the case is revealed. Check out the trailer below and catch the film when it lands on Netflix on July 6.


via Collider

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