‘The Gray Man’: New Promo Sees Dhanush Taking on Ryan Gosling and Ana De Armas!! Check It Out!!

Ana de Armas and Ryan Gosling better watch their backs, Dhanush isn’t just hot on their trail, he’s caught up to them. A new clip for the upcoming Russo Brothers action thriller, The Gray Man shared by the filmmaking sibs themselves, reveals some of Dhanush’s martial arts skills and exactly why his character, Avik San, is a formidable opponent for Gosling’s Court Gentry and de Armas’ Dani Miranda. Along with the action-packed sneak peek, the Russo’s gave the performer a proper welcome to the fandom writing, “Ladies and gentlemen, we give you… @dhanushkraja.”

The clip opens on Miranda and Gentry talking shop in a control room and tracking down a mysterious someone who’s hiding out in Croatia. As Gentry leaves the room, he gets the shock of his life when San bursts through the door, and launches a knife towards Gentry’s face. Gentry’s reflexes kick in, and he catches the knife with his hand, but not in the way you’d want to catch a sharp object. An incredibly well-choreographed fight scene begins with Gentry and Miranda both taking on the skilled assassin who handles his opponents like he’s just out for a walk in the park. This scene is just one of many action-packed stand-offs that we can expect when the thriller explodes onto Netflix July 22.

While he’s reached mega-star status in his home country of India, The Gray Man will mark Dhanush’s Hollywood debut. In Indian cinema, he’s been in the biz for the last two decades, after quickly rising through the ranks and becoming a household name. During his career so far, he’s raked in a slew of awards and critical accolades including seven Filmfare Awards South, two National Film Awards, and has received the honor of having his name listed on the Forbes India Celebrity six times. Along with acting, he’s an accomplished singer and songwriter, has sat on the other side of the camera as a director, and owns his own production company, Wunderbar Films. With his breakthrough into American cinema just around the corner, we can absolutely expect to see much more of the multi-hyphenated performer in the months to come.

As for The Gray Man, the film centers around a manhunt in which Gentry, a revered CIA agent, goes rogue after discovering mishandlings and secrets that were never to see the light of day. His knowledge threatens those at the top which leads his Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) to hire a league of assassins to track the turncoat down and put an end to his life and the forbidden knowledge that he holds. Check out Dhanush’s Hollywood debut in the clip below.

via Collider

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